Trinity River Distillery® is proud to call the iconic building which used to be the Ranch Style Beans Plant our home. Since we opened our doors, we have been making some of the finest tasting spirits produced in the great state of Texas. We do it all with nature's finest rainwater, which we collect on-site in our 13,000 gallon storage tanks.


Silver Star® started as a vision that co-owner Mark Lusignan had in 2011. "My goal was to enter the new and expanding Texas Whiskey trade and produce a product that we could be proud of. After working tirelessly towards this goal, we launched the brand in 2012. We are now proud to say that Silver Star® is a viable Texas Spirit."


Fast forward to 2016, when the addition of Kirk Richards as Whiskey Maker & Co-Owner transpired. Silver Star® offered him a new canvas to paint on where he was able to expand his expressions into barrels. 


Bob Camillone joined TRD as President in 2019, with a focus of expanding distribution throughout Texas, as well as nationwide.


 Silver Star® Spirits are now poised to make "Whiskey History" working out of the iconic Historic Distillery, former home of Ranch Style Beans.

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The Ranch Style Bean building was built in 1913. It is located just southeast of downtown Fort Worth, close to the Trinity River. The facility housed the production of the beloved beans for many years until it was relocated.

With the success of the Silver Star® brand, TRD was able to open the doors of our new location in 2016, allowing for continued growth. Together, the team developed our line of finely crafted spirits and turned the brand into the award-winning distillery we are today. 

In 2017, we were able to expand our barrel room which allowed Kirk to create new expressions maturing in our barrel houses. “We currently have some of the finest spirits resting in our Barrel 53® barrels and we're excited for their upcoming releases!”